We’re Liquid Logic, A Creative Digital marketing agency in Sydney

As the world moves to remote working, there is more demand for having an online presence, an online store. This begs the need for a cross-channel marketing automation strategy.

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Small studio. Big Results.

Liquid Logic is based in Sydney, Australia. We love web design, development as well as responsive email design and development.

We create corporate identity, branding and automate digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

We are there from start to… well, ongoing. Here are a few examples of what we can do:


  • Procure the domain name and host your site.
  • Design and build websites, including online stores.
  • Connect email, social, SMS marketing and more.
  • Set up marketing automation software
  • Set up and connect your web and marketing data to your CRM.


  • Automate user journeys, welcome and nurture cycles.
  • Build your sale pipelines and connect to all external data sets.
  • Create funnels, drip campaigns and lead nurturing.
  • Create all the assets and develop marketing communication such Email marketing, SMS marketing, Social marketing and much more.
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24/7 Working For You

Your own personal assistant!

We can set you up with a marketing automation system and build all the assets for you. The system will recognise who visits your site and segment them according on how often they engage with your brand.

No more blast-out campaigns. We set rules that save you money. If a visitor has opened your email, we don’t show them the Facebook ad. it’s that simple. No more wasting money and bombarding the customers with messages that they have already seen. 

We free you up to focus on what you love: caring for your business.

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