Web Design and Development

Super Nature Foods Website

In collaboration with Jam&Co, Liquid Logic undertook months of planning, mapping, conceptualisation, design and development to produce a beautiful, functional and responsive website for Super Nature Foods.

'Incredible Range' designs

Super Nature Foods’ products have no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. They are snap-frozen to make sure all the nutrients are freshly preserved until they are ready to cook. The website needed to convey freshness, health and be quite appetising. It all started with proper planning and mapping of a user journey that wold introduce the brand, the ranges and individual products. With a mobile-first approach. Various workshops and plans resulted in a clean, structured web experience and a pleasant user journey.

The challenge was to showcase each range from the Super Nature Foods line with a unique look and feel that captures the essence of the ingredients that make it.

Unique layouts

Product pages

Beautiful Design

The products' packs were prominently displayed alongside the product description, unique callouts and info panels.

Featured Ingredients

Each product's unique ingredients were showcased with dedicated info boxes, floating cameos with elegant movement.

Nutritional Information

Each nutritional info panel was created with a clear, mobile responsive table layout to optimise legibility and visibility.

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